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OceanAire AquaCooler
13,780 BTU Portable Water Cooled Air Conditioner

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quick specs
Width: 20 1/8 Inch
Depth: 13 1/8 Inch
Height: 28 1/2 Inch
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Product Information
Brand: OceanAire
Series: AquaCooler
Model: OWC1211
MPN: OWC 1211
Width: 20 1/8 Inch
Depth: 13 1/8 Inch
Height: 28 1/2 Inch
Type: Portable
Maximum Cooling Amps: 10.5 Amps
Maximum Cooling Watts: 1,050 Watts
Heat: No
CFM Room Circulation: 400 CFM
Energy Efficiency Rating: 13.1
Control Type: Digital
Remote Control Included: No
Self-Evaporating: No
Grade: Commercial
Technical Details
Energy Star Rated: No
Plug Type: 5-15P
Voltage: 115 Volts

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From the Manufacturer

When a computer/server room is in a basement or a secure location, there is often no place and no way to duct the hot air. The AquaCooler OWC1211 Commercial Water Cooled Air Conditioner operates without ducting. The heat is removed by water. The water can then be piped to a cooling tower if available. Made in America and built for continuous duty cycling, the powder coated heavy duty metal cabinet will deliver many years of quality service. Fully self contained, just plug it in, attach the water lines, set the thermostat to your desired temperature, add any accessories and AquaCooler will quietly cool your room.

Oceanaire, Inc. manufactures compact, quiet and technologically advanced products in a 22,000 square foot facility in Morton Grove, IL. All Oceanaire products are carefully assembled by a team of highly experienced HVAC specialists, who take pride in their work. Once built, all Oceanaire units are tested and thoroughly checked before being packed.

The four owners are pleased to announce that Oceanaire, Inc. will be celebrating its 10th year of business in 2007. Throughout the company's history, Oceanaire has provided innovative cooling solutions for the portable air conditioner and heat pump market. Our vision is to utilize our core experience, knowledge and integrity to manufacture the best possible equipment available. With a renewed emphasis on product development and quality improvements, Oceanaire strives to be the preferred portable cooling and heat pump system manufacturer. We are working hard to be your first choice in portable air conditioning equipment.

The AquaCooler design features a Micro computer control system that can run the temperature down to 55°F. A 6-speed automatic fan control system lowers the blower speed a the temperature approaches set point. A pitched drain pan channels the condensate to a pump with a 20 foot lift, check valve and safety switch. The base pan is insulated with no standing water. Quality through and through.
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Dimensions & Weight
Height with Casters:  
31 1/2"
Height without Casters:  
28 1/2"
20 1/8"
13 1/8"
Net Weight:  
110 lbs.
Shipping Weight:  
130 lbs.
Cooling Capacity
BTU/Hr @ 80&#176F Air Temperature (85&#176F Entering Water Temperature):  
Electrical Characteristics
Power Supply:  
115 Volts/60 Hz/1 Phase
Power Consumption:  
1.05 Cooling Kilowatts
Current Consumption:  
10.5 Cooling Kilowatts
Fuse Size:  
15 Amperes
NEMA Plug Configuration:  
Min-Max Voltage:  
105-125 Volt
Power Cord Gauge:  
16AWG (3 Core)
Power Cord Length:  
10 feet
Compressor Characteristics
Compressor Type:  
Hermetic Rotary
R22 Charge:  
19 Ounces
Operating Conditions: Min-Max &#176F:  
55&#176 - 105 &#176F, 50% RH
Fan Characteristics - Evaporator
Fan Type 6 Speed:  
Air Flow High/Low:  
400/340 CFM
Max. External Static Pressure:  
0.15 Inches of Water Gauge
Condenser Water Flow
Automatic Water Regulating Valve:  
Inlet Water Temp. 85&#176F - 95&#176F Exit:  
3.00 GPM
Inlet Water Temp. 75&#176F - 95&#176F Exit:  
1.75 GPM
Inlet Water Temp. 65&#176F - 95&#176F Exit:  
1.17 GPM
Inlet Water Temp. 55&#176F - 95&#176F Exit:  
0.87 GPM
Miscellaneous Features
Built-in Condensate Pump with 20 ft. Lift:  
Check Valve with Safety Switch:  
High-Pressure Switch:  
Water Connections (supply and return):  
All 3/8 Inch MF
Hose Kits Available:  
10 ft., 25 ft., 40 ft.
Optional Heat Pump Unit Available:  
Optional Tower Application Unit Available:  
Available in 208/230/1 Phase:  
Sound Level High/Low:  
54/52 Db


  • 6 speed automatic blower delivers just the right amount of air
  • Electronic hour meter records compressor "ON" time. Great for maintenance planning.
  • No buckets to empty
  • Has all the advantages and features of Low Temperature Air Conditioners
  • Cools to 55°F (most other units cool to only 65°F) with 13,780 BTU/HR
  • Smaller in size, higher in energy efficiency
  • Reduced noise level (no hot air blower)
  • Moisture Control Mode can lower humidity level by compressor cycling
  • No hot air ducts to run
  • UL Listed for safety, operates on 115volt power for about 13 cents per hour
  • 5 year compressor warranty

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